how are we priced?

We are not the cheapest for tyres. That’s a fact. But we are also not the most expensive. We are somewhere in the middle, and we believe that’s the best place to be.

Why? Because we value quality over quantity. We don’t sell cheap tyres that wear out quickly, or compromise on safety and performance. We sell tyres that are durable, reliable, and suitable for your vehicle and driving conditions.

We also value service over sales. We don’t pressure you to buy tyres that you don’t need, or upsell you on extras that you don’t want. We listen to your needs, and offer you honest and expert advice on the best tyres for your budget and preferences.

We also value convenience over hassle. We don’t make you wait for hours, or send you to different locations to get your tyres fitted. We have a network of local and mobile fitters who can come to you at your home or workplace, and install your tyres in minutes.

If you are looking for cheap tyres, you can find them elsewhere. But if you are looking for quality tyres, service, and convenience, look no further than us. Contact us today and get a free quote on your next set of tyres or you can book online