Locking Wheel Nut Removal


we have the tools to remove

Locking wheel nuts are a special fitment key which is supplied when the vehicle leaves the factory. In order to change or repair your tyre, will need you to have your locking wheel nut key, if you can’t find it they are usually within the glove box or in the side compartment/under the tray inside of the boot.


If you can’t find your key, or your key is damaged and the key can’t remove them, then we can assist. For just £80 we can remove up to 4 locking wheel nuts during the tyre repair or replacement using specialist equipment which can remove your nuts without damaging your alloy wheels.

Please be advised if we remove your locking nuts with our specialist equipment we won’t be able to put them back on and would strongly suggest your purchase approved wheel nuts prior to our visit.

Please be advised that we can’t guarantee the removal of your locking nuts as sometimes they can be too tight for our tool or maybe corroded on. if this is the case you will be charged £15 for each insert used in our tool.

To book this service simply call our team today on 07718 217 329