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TPMS sensors are important for your safety and performance. They can get damaged by corrosion if you don’t service them regularly. This can cause the valve to snap and the tyre to lose air quickly.

Many garages can’t fix this problem and will only replace the valve with a rubber one. This will leave your TPMS light on and you will have to go to the dealer and pay a lot of money. It could cost you up to £250+ per sensor.

At Jordans Autocare, we can service and maintain your TPMS sensor valve and prevent any issues. We advise you to change your metal valve stem every time you change your tyre, just like you would do with a rubber valve without TPMS.

tpms replacement valve & service cost

tpms components

From £6.99per wheel at the time of fitting, to replace your TPMS sensor valve stem components only. (nut)

tpms stem and component kit

From £11.99 per wheel at the time of fitting, to replace your Metal/Rubber TPMS sensor valve stem and components.

tpms replacement cost

£80.00 per wheel at the time of fitting to replace the whole complete TPMS sensor valve stem and components.

MOT Failure

Did you know A faulty TPMS sensor can now result in an immediate MOT failure?

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