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Your tyres are one of the most important components of your vehicle, as they are the only part that comes in contact with the road. They affect your safety, fuel efficiency and performance. Therefore, it is essential to check your tyres regularly and replace them when they are worn or damaged.

Some signs that indicate you need to replace your tyres are:

– The tread depth is below 1.6 mm, which is the legal minimum in the UK.
– The tread wear indicators are visible on the tyre surface.
– There are cracks, bulges, cuts or punctures on the tyre sidewall or tread.
– The tyre pressure is too low or too high, or there is a slow leak.
– The tyre is older than 10 years, regardless of its appearance.

If you notice any of these signs, you should book an appointment online as soon as possible to avoid any risks or accidents. At our website, you can find a wide range of quality tyres from leading brands at competitive prices. You can also book an appointment online for a free tyre inspection and fitting. Don’t compromise on your safety and performance – replace your tyres when needed and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Balancing your wheels is an important service that we offer every time we remove your tyre. It ensures that your tyres wear evenly and that your vehicle handles smoothly and safely. We use a state-of-the-art machine that measures the weight distribution of each wheel and adjusts it accordingly. This process reduces vibrations, improves fuel efficiency and extends the life of your tyres. To schedule an appointment for wheel balancing, please contact us today.

If you have a flat tyre, you don’t have to worry. We offer puncture repairs for all types of tyres, from cars to SUV Our experienced technicians will inspect your tyre and determine if it can be safely repaired. We use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure a reliable and durable repair. Whether you need a quick fix or a full replacement, we can help you get back on the road in no time. Contact us today to book an appointment or visit our website for more information.

NO. we don’t sell part worn tyres. We only sell new tyres

Your tyres should be rotated every other oil change, or every 6000 miles. Neglecting to rotate tyres is a major cause of premature tire wear.

Synthetic motor oils can be a good choice for high output, turbocharged or supercharged engines. Or for vehicles that are used for towing (especially during hot weather), and vehicles that operate in extremely cold or hot climates. Although more expensive than mineral-based oils, synthetic motor oils can improve fuel economy and provide longer intervals between changes.

This is a very serious problem – if your car overheats for too long, you can damage your engine. As soon as possible, find a safe place to pull off the road and shut the engine off! Do not attempt to check the fluid level in the radiator; the hot fluid can cause severe burns. The best thing to do is have your car towed to the nearest, trusted auto repair facility.

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