Mobile Wheel Alignment Service (Tracking)

Ever wondered why your tyre is wearing unevenly? there are three main factors which could cause this problem.

  • Tyre Pressures
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Worn Suspension Components

Jordans Autocare offer a Mobile wheel alignment service at your home or work in Reading and surrounding areas. Our service is design to help maintain vehicle handling and prevent uneven tyre wear, with the correct wheel alignment settings for your vehicle your find improved road handling and longer tyre life.

Alignment issues can also be caused by driving on uneven road surfaces with Pot holes and even mounting kerbs. We offer a FREE no obligation wheel alignment check whenever your buying tyres with us.

Laser Wheel Alignment Prices

  • £45 Alignment Only
  • £36 Alignment With Tyres

All prices includes: Tread depth checks, Vehicle driveline Components checks, Pressure checks and adjusted.