Vitora TyreLife Guarantee

Jordans Autocare have teamed up with VITORA tyres to offer you an exclusive brand and tyre warranty like no other on the market.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

VITORA want to give you absolute assurance you have made the right choice. If for some reason you think otherwise, with any set of 2 or more VITORA Tyres purchased, VITORA offers you a replacement guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase of any VITORA Tyre. This means that you can bring your VITORA Tyres back to the store they were purchased from, and replace them with an alternative tyre and or brand of your choice, of equal or lesser value..

2 Year Tyre Roadside Assistance

For any VITORA Tyre purchased as part of the VITORA TyreLIFE Guarantee Program, you will enjoy 2 years of tyre related roadside assistance from date of purchase. This means that if you are unfortunate enough to get a flat or damaged tyre, a qualified professional will come and change your VITORA Tyre with your spare tyre, free of charge. If a spare isn’t available, or you have 2 or more flat tyres, they will provide towing free of charge to the nearest VITORA Tyre Dealer or authorised place of repair (up to 20 miles radius from point of incident).

2 Year Tyre Damage Warranty

For any VITORA Tyre purchased that is damaged beyond repair due to Road Hazard Tyre Damage, VITORA will replace the VITORA Tyre damaged within 2 years of purchase due to irreparable Road Hazard Tyre Damage. ‘Road Hazard Tyre Damage’ means accidental damage caused to a VITORA Tyre due to unseen road hazards such as nails, glass, punctures, accidental cuts, accidental curb damage, impact breaks (e.g. potholes) and other damage caused by unforeseen road hazards (exclusions apply).

To register for your VITORA TYRELIFE GUARANTEE please follow the steps below:

2. Fill out the required details and ensure they submit.
3. Keep your Guarantee card in a safe place so you can locate the Roadside Assistance number when required.
4. Now… Enjoy your drive with VITORA… DRIVEN FOR LIFE!

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