Mobile Car Servicing

Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular car servicing from Jordans Autocare. Our Team Can service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment.

Why is it important?

Engine oil inside your car is a key component of lubricating its internal system. after a while your engine oil will start to break down and deteriorate, becoming less and less effective at doing the job it needs to do.

  • If it is not changed regularly, parts in your car start to deteriorate and result is unnecessary repairs, breakdowns or even a blown engine.


Our Interim and Full services come with 12 months parts & labour warranty from the date of your initial Service or 12,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

  • All warranties and guarantees can only be honoured on vehicles with an up to date regular service history.

Cost to service your vehicle

Servicing prices depends on the size of your engine and grade of oil to be used. All of our parts are of Original Equipment quality and we use the correct oil grades to keep your car in top condition and in line with warranty requirements.

  • Example a Mercedes A-Class -Interim service will cost you around £180 (main dealer between £300-£380) and a Full Service will cost around £230 (main dealer £400-£480)

Service Options


6 months, High monthly mileage drivers
Basic Oil Change From

✔ Oil Change

✔ Oil Filter Change

✔ Visual Brakes Check

✔ Check Lights & Levels

✔ Check Tyres (inc. pressures)

✔ Reset Oil Change Light

✔ Stamp Service Book


Annual service plus parts replacement
Interim Service From

✔ Oil Change Service

✔ Inspection Service

✔ Check Brake Fluid Condition

✔ Check Handbrake Operation

✔ Grease Door Hinge

✔ Check Auxiliary Belts

✔ Check Antifreeze Strength

✔ Check Spare Wheel

✔ Check Engine ECU For Codes


24 months, service plus parts replacement
Full Service From

✔ Interim Service

✔ Air Filter Replaced

✔ Spark Plugs Replaced (petrol)

✔ Full Diagnostic ECU Scan

✔ Brake Fluid Change